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New urban boulevard in Oulu


Serum have been commissioned to produce designs for a new urban boulevard project in Oulu, northern Finland. The stretch of present urban motorway between Oulu University and the city centre is to be renewed as a city boulevard incorporated into compact urban development.

link in Finnish:

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Tallisilta Bridge Near Completion


The Tallisilta bridge project is reaching completion. Steeped in military history, Serum has designed a new superstructure atop the old renovated wartime substructure. It is part of the designs for the larger Pioneeripuisto recreational area in the Kouvola suburb of Koria, also by Serum.

link in Finnish: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-9583201

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A vision for Oulu’s Myllytulli district


The City of Oulu and Serum Architects have created a vision for the complementary redevelopment of the Myllytulli area of the city. Through the exploration of ideas and opportunities presented by the site, our team has proposed long lasting solutions to support the ongoing and future development of Myllytulli.

The proposal places a focus on the use of green corridors to connect Myllytulli with Hupisaari islands.

Read more on the project here (in Finnish): https://www.ouka.fi/oulu/kaupunkisuunnittelu/myllytulli

You can also take a look at our proposal here (in Finnish): https://www.ouka.fi/documents/64220/16463603/Myllytullin+taydennysrakentamisen+visio_LOWRES.pdf/da4d11e9-8891-44ac-b1d7-9b0ad9014254

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Keskuskari Marina plan approved


The detail plan for Keskuskari Marina, set amongst the dunes of the Kalajoki resort, has been approved by the city council. The 57.2 ha plan consists of leisure accommodation, tourism services and a marina surrounded by a multitude of local recreational opportunities. Leisure accommodation and tourism services are divided into three distinct venues, the Marina, Dune Village and Hotel Village, a total of 67 000 m2 . Each has its own individual character and is carefully adapted to its unique landscape, creating diverse solutions for all accommodation types.


Further reading here (in finnish)