Serum Architects is an architecture practice founded in 2007 by architects Sami Heikkinen, Vesa Humalisto and Antti Lehto. We focus on all aspects of architecture and design including large scale urban planning, landscape architecture and housing design. Award winning projects and well completed work reflects the drive and values: we are creative, strategically led and impact-driven.

Serum Architects is a member of the Association of Finnish Architects Offices (ATL).


Urban planning

We use systematic approach to create sustainable solutions for complex urban planning and design tasks. For us, sustainability is about balancing social systems of culture, transportation, buildings, waste, water, energy, and natural ecosystems. We approach these aspects from a contextual perspective; the place and local features are key starting points.Working closely with various stakeholders from city leaders to planners, developers and local people is essential for us.

Housing design

Creating spaces where people want to live, work and play, balanced with creating sustainable properties, realizing architectural aesthetics and functions is what we are ready do for our clients and users. We create value by designing feasible construction and functional utility, which best serve the objectives of the project. By providing support and adaptable design through the whole design and construction process we generate better results and reduce risks.

Landscape architecture

Our holistic approach to environmental planning and landscape architecture ensure that new developments are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. By restoring damaged environments and recreating new vibrant life in biologically and culturally valuable areas we generate remarkable results and acceptable impacts on the environment, as well as respond to the challenges of climate change. We stay ahead of the wave of water strategies, such as rainfall managing, sustainable drainage systems and flood management.

Frequently asked questions

What you believe in?

We believe in holistic and sustainable design solutions; we are creative, fact-based and impact-driven.

What it means?

We are creating work that is both distinctive, effective and compelling.

Where you aim at?

We are driven by pragmatic desire to achieve results, constantly working towards the maximum impact.

What, sustainable?

We want our design to stand for generations – not only functionally, aesthetically and technically, but socially, economically and ecologically. We are contemporary, pushing the boundaries of urban design and architecture.


Capacity and experience in coordinating projects with diverse range of specialisms ensures optimal outcomes, which unlock the full potential of each case. We are looking at every problem from the perspective of fact-based analysis.Long lasting relationships arebased on interactive and transparent communication.


We are professionals with strong academic backgroundandexperiencedpractice: architects, landscapearchitects, other professionals andstudents, coming from local or international backgrounds. Compact team is highly effective and competent, including qualified urban planners and principal designers(FISE).

Who had hired you?

We have been creating unique and successful projects with private clients and businesses,as well as with the public sector, for example major Finnish cities and municipalities.


Award winning work and well completed projectsreflects the drive and valuesof ours. See works. Helping organisations reachtheir goalsis important to us.

Still more questions?

Please contact our office (+358 50 466 1500), we are always happy to answer questions, listen to new ideas, and meet new and interesting people. See contacts.