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A vision for Oulu’s Myllytulli district

The City of Oulu and Serum Architects have created a vision for the complementary redevelopment of the Myllytulli area of the city. Through the exploration of ideas and opportunities presented by the site, our team has proposed long lasting solutions to support the ongoing and future development of Myllytulli.

The proposal places a focus on the use of green corridors to connect Myllytulli with Hupisaari islands.

Read more on the project here (in Finnish): https://www.ouka.fi/oulu/kaupunkisuunnittelu/myllytulli

You can also take a look at our proposal here (in Finnish): https://www.ouka.fi/documents/64220/16463603/Myllytullin+taydennysrakentamisen+visio_LOWRES.pdf/da4d11e9-8891-44ac-b1d7-9b0ad9014254