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A vision for Oulu’s Myllytulli district

The City of Oulu and Serum Architects have created a vision for the complementary redevelopment of the Myllytulli area of the city. Through the exploration of ideas and opportunities presented by the site, our team has proposed long lasting solutions to support the ongoing and future development of Myllytulli. The proposal places a focus on […]
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Keskuskari Marina plan approved

The detail plan for Keskuskari Marina, set amongst the dunes of the Kalajoki resort, has been approved by the city council. The 57.2 ha plan consists of leisure accommodation, tourism services and a marina surrounded by a multitude of local recreational opportunities. Leisure accommodation and tourism services are divided into three distinct venues, the Marina, […]
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Asemanranta design starts

More than two years ago 2014 we won invited architectural competition for Hämeenlinna Asemanseutu. After finished detail plan for the new central area for 60 000sqm around railway station and beautiful lakeside Vanajavesi, we are starting to design the first housing block Asemanranta for YIT.